Friday, February 25, 2011


So, last week, my husband told me upon waking that, "I almost died last night."  After getting a few details, I learned that he was up for about an hour during the night (typical male response to sickness) with gastrointestinal issues.  We talked about what it could have been and pinpointed it to his lunch at a greasy spoon near his office.  He had an omelette and a hamburger.  Yesterday, I found out my mom has been vomiting for 24 hours while in Aruba.  After talking to her, she said she thought it was food poisoning.  These two episodes have made me feel so happy that I am a vegetarian.  I used to have issues in the middle of the night or nausea after eating a particular dinner.  But, guess what?!  That doesn't happen to me anymore.  I rarely get an upset stomach anymore and if I do, it's because I either consumed dairy or ate unhealthy food.  It feels great to be free of these discomforts!  And, it feels great to not have to worry about spoiled food making me sick, or not knowing how old food is at a restaurant.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A World Away

Hello there and welcome to my attempt at blogging! Why, you ask? Good question! I really don't have the spare time to blog but I find reading blogs interesting and the opportunity to respond or comment on blogs now seems to require your own URL. I love reading other people's blogs but my life is pretty boring so why would I write about it? Because I CAN! It's now everyone's right to have their own blog and share their own stupid, mundane opinions so I'm going to do it too!

Today you get to learn the reason behind my title. How do you escape a loud house with four kids in it?  Well, you don't actually go anywhere, you could get in trouble for that. (I actually want to know the real truth about how old a kid has to be before you can leave them home alone but that's a post for another day.)  You pull out your book (or Kindle) and get lost in another world. Your husband may talk to you, your kids may scream and shout and all along, you are sitting somewhere else, enjoying the life of your novel. I really don't think this is considered neglect and I seriously doubt you can serve time for it.

Here we are!